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Image by Maggie Collins

Show-Me Dinosaurs
Questions and Answers

  • What do your dinosaurs do?
    Each of our hyper realistic dinosaur costumes are designed to be mobile, allowing them to walk, run, swing their tail, move its head, open and close its mouth, and even emit realistic roars similar to those of an actual dinosaur that lived 60 million years ago. The operator of the costume controls its movements from the inside. You cannot see the operator's body once inside the costume. The dinosaurs also LOVE to play games with humans like dance parties, races, being walked on their leash, taking selfies and more!
  • What are the size of the dinosaurs and do they produce any sounds?
    Our dinosaurs are 7 feet tall and 12 feet long, and they are equipped with sound effects that mimic the vocalizations of actual dinosaurs. However, when younger children are present, we can request that the performers not activate the sound effects in order to help the children feel more at ease.
  • My favorite dinosaur doesn't appear as an option on the website, are you getting more?
    We have started with a giant T-Rex and Raptor along with three babies. In the future, as we grow, we will add more dinosaurs. We are always listening to feedback, so if you have suggestions for what our new dinosaurs should be let us know in person or at our email:
  • Are the dinosaurs real? Is it dangerous?
    No and no! The giant dinosaurs are super realistic costumes worn by our trained performers. There are controls and video screens inside the suit to allow the dinosaurs to interact with people around them safely. We have a camera mounted at the nose so the performer can "see" what the dinosaur would be able to see AND a camera in the chest so the performers can safely walk without tripping over things. The baby dinosaurs are super realistic puppets. The babies are all plant-eating dinosaurs, so there are no scary teeth or anything involved so little ones can pet them.
  • Are the dinosaurs scary?
    Some smaller kids might be a little unsure around them at first, but we NEVER scare kids on purpose. Show-Me Dinosaurs always wants our experiences to be fun and associated with happy memories! If we know the party or event is for smaller children, we will have the performers in the giant dinosaur costumes be especially silly and fun. They can pretend to be shy at first when they are entering to help calm nerves if kids are unsure. We will always do our best to make it a happy time for all. If the event is exclusively for adults or much older children we may do some mildly scary things or pranks, but again, not if small children are in attendance.
  • Are the dinosaurs loud?
    The volume can be controlled for all giant dinosaurs and babies. We start in the middle range of volume, but we can adjust as needed. For example, if we are outdoors we can increase the volume if needed. We can also turn the volume much lower than normal or even all the way OFF if there are guests at your event with sensory issues related to sound. We will make the volume right for your event, whatever the needs are.
  • Can I rent a giant dinosaur suit or puppet and operate it myself?
    Not at this time. The suits and puppets we use are custom-made by a firm on the other side of the planet, they are very expensive, and take many months to be handmade and shipped to us. In addition, the suits are custom fitted to the operator for safety and comfort, there is training needed to operate the controls, and special storage and transport is required. There is no way for us to financially or safely rent the suits or puppets at this time.
  • Are there space restrictions?
    We need parking at your event, somewhere within reasonable distance to the entrance/loading area. We would like 30 ft along the curb if at a residential event or a parking pass for festivals and so on. As far as physical space goes for the dinosaurs - yes, the more room the better! The suits are very large. They are both tall and long - so we take up a lot of space.
  • What about bad weather?
    If the event is outdoors, it needs to not be actively rainy or muddy in your space that the dinosaurs will be walking around in. The suits are hand painted and the inside of the suit has electronics, so we avoid water as much as possible. If it is raining and the event is indoors we can transport the suit inside safely on a covered cart then put it on indoors if we have a space to do so. With temperatures we are flexible, but if it is too hot, the performers in the suits will likely need more breaks. If your event needs a dinosaur operating constantly we will likely need to include an additional performer for safety. For cold, if you are ok outside we likely are too.
  • Is there a deposit? Can I get the deposit back if it rains?
    We take half the cost of the event up front to hold your time and date. We will then get the other half of the cost before the start of the event. If it is raining the day of your event we can attempt to reschedule or you may get your first half payment back. There are no refunds unless a rainout or other weather event. We will reschedule with you in the event of an illness or other incident.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes - the suit, puppets, performers, and equipment are insured. We also have liability insurance for damage we may inadvertently cause.
  • Do you ever appear at local events?
    Yes! We plan on being out and about as often as possible! Keep track of our social media posts for updates. We will likely be involved in parades, festivals, and more!
  • Can I buy a dinosaur suit or puppet from Show-Me Dinosaurs?
    No, not at this time. We buy our suits and puppets from a custom manufacturer overseas. If in the future we buy new suits or puppets we may sell our older units, but it is likely we will keep them for props or decorations.
  • "I'm not planning a birthday party, can I still book your dinosaurs?"
    Absolutely! Check our Packages tab on the banner of the home screen. It will list out all sorts of options for you to choose from. We do corporate events, openings, weddings, festivals, conventions, and more. If your type of event isn't listed, just email us at and ask. We are flexible and willing to work with you to make a memorable event.
  • How long can performers be inside the giant dinosaur suits?
    It varies based on the performer, weather conditions, and nature of the event. If it is just walking around for a parade on a nice day it might be 60 minutes. On a very hot day at a birthday party where there is lots of running around and interaction it might be 20 minutes. For some events with just one performer they will likely need to take a break. In those times our out-of-suit employees will have the baby dinosaurs to bridge that gap while the performer gets a quick break. The suits are heavy - well over 50 pounds. So even on nice days there is a limit to how long the performers can be inside.
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