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We are Show-Me Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Video Clips Source: Jurassic RGV


Step back in time and let your imagination run wild with Show-Me Dinosaurs! Our fun-filled giant dinosaur events create memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, we proudly give back to our local community with every booking. Join us for the ultimate prehistoric adventure!

Founders, Jill Dudley and Kevin Leet, had the idea to start this business when planning their own wedding! They are both big fans of dinosaurs, and when Kevin jokingly suggested the idea to include a dinosaur in wedding photos, Jill actually teared up a little. Dinosaurs have been a fun and silly part of their relationship since the first conversation they shared!


They both realized combining their expertise in business, education and a passion for spreading joy, that they could bring these amazing dinosaurs to people in their own community! So, Show-Me Dinosaurs was born! Some dinosaur groups focus on stage shows, some on education, we focus on fun and giving back to the community


Our dinosaurs are here in Missouri! They will arrive in late May/early June 2023. We used video clips of dinosaur parties from Jurassic RGV in Texas (who are AMAZING!). The clips you see are of dinosaurs made from the same manufacturer as we went with for our dinosaurs with permission from Jurassic RGV in Texas. We have our Dino Bus to bring the joy of dinosaurs across Missouri!    

What We Are About

Making Fun Memories!

Our dinosaurs will always be a force for good! We avoid being scary, especially around small children. Precautions will be taken to achieve happiness and to keep everyone safe! We want everyone to have a good time! 

Making Events Amazing!

We want to help craft the perfect event for you! If you have an idea outside our packages, let us know! Dinosaurs make everything better (at least we think so!), so if you have an idea we'd love to work with you to make it come to life!

Making the Community Better!

We are passionate about giving back to our wonderful community! We donate Dinosaur appearances monthly to local organizations and are committed to giving back 10% of our profits to worthy causes in our community each year! We want every dinosaur encounter to both bring joy AND make a difference! 

Meet the Founders

Located in the heart of the Show-Me State!

Columbia, Missouri is

our home!

"CoMo" is located in the center of Missouri, at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Hwy 63, so we are able to easily make it to lots of places around Missouri and surrounding states. We would love to spread our fun around Columbia and beyond!

We'd love to hear from you!

Book a dinosaur encounter, ask us about a custom event, ask a random dinosaur question - whatever you need!


Click the link below to email us!

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