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Wow at your next event with LIVE Dinosaurs!

Experience Our Dinosaurs

Welcome to Show-Me Dinosaurs, where we bring the magic of dinosaurs to life!


Our life-sized hyper-realistic dinosaur costumes are perfect for events and birthday parties of all sizes to create unforgettable experiences! 

Show-Me Dinosaurs T-Rex 7 Foot Tall Costume Performer for Parties and Events Jurassic
Showme Dinosaurs Show Me Show-Me Jurassic park birthday party event Como Columbia Missouri

We deliver our 7-foot tall walking and roaring Giant Dinosaurs (a T-Rex and Raptor), PLUS three adorable Baby Dinosaur puppets (Triceratops, Stegosaurus & Duck Billed Dinosaur) to events across Missouri and beyond! 


They are guided by our entertaining and passionate Dinosaur Handlers that lead guests through interactive games and hands-on dinosaur themed activities! 


Whether you're looking to bring a touch of excitement to your event or create a memorable experience for your guests, our life-sized dinosaurs are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Book your dinosaur experience today and let us bring the magic of the past to your present! 

Click "Book Now" below or Call (or Text) us at (573)-400-DINO (3466)

Our Games
Show-Me Dinosaurs Stegosaurus Puppet Performer for Birthday Parties and Events Jurassic
Show-Me Dinosaur Triceratops Puppet Performer for Birthday Parties and Events

& Our Dinosaur Babies!

Show-Me Dinosaurs Parasaurolophus Duck-billed Puppet Performer for Birthday Parties and Events
TRex Roar_edited.png

It's Dinosaur Time!


View our Party Packages and Meet & Greet Visits Pricing Here

Our Dinosaurs Love Making Friends at All Types of Events!

Little boy hugging baby dinosaur_edited.jpg

Making a Difference, One Dinosaur at a Time!


Our Commitment to Local Nonprofits and Children's Groups.

We're dedicated to giving back to our community. Every month, we donate one Dinosaur Meet & Greet package to a local nonprofit or children's group. Nominate a deserving group to receive a Dinosaur Meet & Greet.

Thank you helping us support our community!

We believe that supporting our local community is essential. That's why we're proud to commit 10% of our profits to local nonprofits.


By donating a portion of our profits, we're able to make a positive impact on our community and contribute to the important work of these organizations.


It takes the world's best talent to create wonderful memories that last forever!

Join Our Team

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